Ready, Set, Eeeep!

Published on 19 March 2023 at 13:34

Blog post #1 still in the USA!

I'm in the weird place of desperately planning, checking boxes of travel itineraries and packing lists and getting psyched for the trip ahead while also telling my restless heart to slow down, to take time to enjoy the things here at home for one last time before I embark on this adventure. It's a mix of anticipation, nerves, excitement, and some fear; all emotions that are not conducive for being present in the last moments with friends and family. I know it's only for a few months, but for my family and friends it will be the longest we have been apart, and of course I chose the other side of the world to travel to, in typical Julie-like fashion I chose the extreme. Someday I'll explain why I do that, there is actually a logical reason. ;) 

So why Europe? Well if you haven't followed anything on my instagram until now, I had an incredible opportunity present itself last year. My career is in ultrasound and I work primarily for small offices here in the USA. So last year when I visited Albania to visit a close friend from high school, I met a US trained Dr who is helping improve and structure some of the medical practices and has hopes to expand throughout Albania to even more rural areas. The day I went to her families home in Albania we had a great conversation about ultrasound, and I even helped her girls learn a little about ultrasound with the use of her butterfly probe (a probe that plugs into smart phones and the ultrasound image is rendered on the mobile device). She expressed how good I was at teaching complex subjects to new learners, though her daughter are absolutely brilliant and were asking questions about kidney function and what would happen if you only had one kidney, and then why do we have two if you can survive with just one kidney- let's just say our conversation was anything but boring and they are not the standard intelligence of kids there age. :) After that interaction she casually mentioned that would be wonderful if I could come back and be involved in some teaching ultrasound clinics in Albania. My walk back to the apartment in Tirana was full of daydreams of following that vision, which for me is generally the start for a plan of action! 

So here we are a year later, a plan has been initiated and it is turning out to be so much more of an adventure than I could have anticipated! Not only do I get to teach in a local pregnancy center, midwife group and family practice clinic with hands on skills, I also am embarking on some incredible experiences all over Europe before, after and in-between my time teaching in Albania. 

So if you want to follow along be sure to stay tuned for my future adventures!

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a year ago

So glad I caught you today! ☺️
Very excited for you and looking forward to your future posts! πŸ™‚

Yvette Hines
a year ago

Wonderful Julie; Be still and KNOW that I am God!

Jody Anderson
a year ago

Super duper excited for you!
Love and prayers~

shelly Darby schultz
a year ago

Be safe and I look forward to reading more of your spectacular journey