Iceland: Best Tours

Diving between Tectonic Plates

So your going to Iceland and you want to swim between tectonic plates, who doesn't?!? There are lots of tours to choose from, which can make the choice hard. Is there a better one than another? How do prices compare? Well there are a couple things you should think about when choosing a group. First do you just want to snorkle on the surface or do you actually want to dive down and experience the underwater world up close? If your new to water and swimming maybe you just choose snorkling, but if you want more like I did then you may be looking at the scuba dive tours. for those two options, if you have a scuba diving certificate then your all set and there are a lot of options to choose from. However if you don't have any certification (like me) or you want a tour catered to you and with a smaller group than I have the perfect tour company for you. With Free Dive Iceland you can dive beneath the surface of the water for the full experience (I'll explain why that's so amazing in a minute) without carrying any certification! This link will take you right to their page where you can see all their tours, they also have a night dive, which would be awesome to try!

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Kayaking Westman Islands

I grew up on the water and often feel more at home on the water in small vessel then I do on land. A lot of my childhood was spent canoeing and kayaking as a way to explore the Canadian wilderness. So I usually search for kayaking tours wherever I'm going. If you happen to visit Iceland in the summer months you can kayak among ice in glacier lagoon, if you're not there during that season you can do what I did and take a trip to Westman Islands, located just off the south east of Iceland. It is reachable by ferry. I'll put a post later about tips for Westman but in case you already know how to get there, here is the tour I would recommend to explore the islands via kayak!

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Zipline On a Glacier!

Experience a zipline that very few people in the world have ever done! This is one of those once in a lifetime finds, I travel a lot and find a lot of adventures but this is such a unique experience I have never heard of anything like it! And there is a reason why, this experience was created by a highly trained and certified glacier guide, and the only place it exists is in Iceland! They offer private and public tours all over Iceland so if you are interested in ice climbing, ice caves or other tours be sure to check them out! For the zipline tour scroll to the bottom of their home page, the package is under winter glacier tours. If you come during a different time of year, I alway recommend reaching out the site to see what they suggest or are offering for that time of year! 

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Explore a Glacier

Have you ever hiked on top of a moving ice cap? If your answer is no, let me describe the beauty that you might encounter. My tour was with Local Guide, I would highly recommend this tour company. I had nothing but good experiences with them and their guides both times I booked though their company. Their communication was excellent, they kept the group size small, they were flexible and accommodating, and the guides were some of the best people I met in Iceland! First you start at the base, your boots still on solid ground. Our start to the day was rainy and overcast but oh how the clouds parted for this hike on top of massive amounts of ice. Glaciers are large areas of compacted snow that form crystal blue ice, and in Iceland they also have areas of black volcanic striations that contrast the bright white and blue ice. What a beautiful sight on a cloudy or a sunny day! 

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Iceland Sagas