Zipline On a Glacier!

Published on 24 April 2023 at 06:43

Experience a zipline that very few people in the world have ever done! This is one of those once in a lifetime finds, I travel a lot and find a lot of adventures but this is such a unique experience I have never heard of anything like it! And there is a reason why, this experience was created by a highly trained and certified glacier guide, and the only place it exists is in Iceland! They offer private and public tours all over Iceland so if you are interested in ice climbing, ice caves or other tours be sure to check them out! For the zipline tour scroll to the bottom of their home page, the package is under winter glacier tours. If you come during a different time of year, I alway recommend reaching out the site to see what they suggest or are offering for that time of year! 

Always check where the meeting point is, we met at glacier lagoon which is easy to find and has a decent amount of parking. The only people on the tour were me and one other small family so a very private experience and allowed us all a couple of times going down the zipline. One of the bonuses of going with ice pic journey is that each tour comes with a photo package of your experience with guides who know just how to get the perfect pictures to captured what you just experienced!

Iceland is not short on glaciers, but one of the best things about the zipline tour is they choose a glacier that has a giant moulin (a large hole in the ice, sometimes so deep that you can't see the bottom) to put their ropes over. On a normal glacier hike you usually have to stay away from the edge to ensure safety, but in this case you are flying over that deep hole which is pretty much unheard of in the glacier world! So if you love a good adrenaline rush this is for you!

The day on the glacier starts by hiking up to your zipline area and then you guide anchors the ropes into the ice and makes sure everything is secure and ready. Each person is equipped with a harness, helmet and crampons (ice cleats). 

The experience: Your securely hooked onto the two ropes that span the large hundred foot moulin. Yet the beginning is the hardest point, you feet are still on soild ice and rather than jumping off, it's best if you start running until there is no longer any ice under you feet, slightly counterintuitive to what your conscious wishes (I always find it easier simply to take one single leap past fear) but this is slow build up trusting the ropes will catch you as you run off the edge. That sound really dramatic, there was not that much fear for someone who loves a good drop off, but just enough to give a good leap in my heart that is stimulated by joyfully being airborne and soaring through the air. 

the best part was the very middle when you looked down and the blue glacier ice turned navy because of the crazy depth and lack of sunlight at the very bottom, pictures can't capture that feeling suspended in air by ropes dangling over an abyss. After reaching the other side I had to shimmy back out to the middle, it was just too gorgeous to pass over. 

And then hanging upside down in a spiderman pose- absolutely exhilarating! Everything in that moment felt like I was living life in full vivid color-the act of turning upside down in the middle of such vast expanse of air was the moment my body questioned the sanity of my mind, but as always those are the best moments once they are conquered. Free hanging upside down while staring deep into a giant blue canyon below, left me in pure awe and I hung there in wonder. The rush of the waterfall behind me emptied into the gorge far below and the rushing stream which had carved this glorious display of blue ice could be heard far below in the deep black expanse. the cool air swirled around my body and I closed my eyes feeling how small I was compared to the magnitude of ice cliffs around me.

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