Kayaking Westman Islands

Published on 24 April 2023 at 10:02

I grew up on the water and often feel more at home on the water in small vessel then I do on land. A lot of my childhood was spent canoeing and kayaking as a way to explore the Canadian wilderness. So I usually search for kayaking tours wherever I'm going. If you happen to visit Iceland in the summer months you can kayak among ice in glacier lagoon, if you're not there during that season you can do what I did and take a trip to Westman Islands, located just off the south east of Iceland. It is reachable by ferry. I'll put a post later about tips for Westman but in case you already know how to get there, here is the tour I would recommend to explore the islands via kayak!

Dipping your paddle into the choppy water and paddling toward towering cliffs while birds swoop and fly around you is a surreal experience. The caves that you peak into add to the exploration, but maybe my favorite part was getting to hear about the couple leading the tour and the knowledge they had on the islands and local animals. They both are active in the Islands research and it was so neat to hear their research regarding puffins in Iceland, and their work with the beluga whale sanctuary, it feels like you have the inside scoop to some very cool things happening on the islands in the midst of kayaking around some beautiful views. I tend to lean towards the smaller family run tours because it always feels to me like that is where the genuine connections are found. 

In calmer water the tour can go longer and you can explore out past the natural harbor into more open water and a bigger cave. The puffins weren't there yet for me, but we still got to see so many different kinds of birds! They also provide a suit to go over you clothes when its cold and wet outside that keeps you warm and dry, and rubber boots :) 

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