Diving between Tectonic Plates

Published on 26 April 2023 at 10:29

So your going to Iceland and you want to swim between tectonic plates, who doesn't?!? There are lots of tours to choose from, which can make the choice hard. Is there a better one than another? How do prices compare? Well there are a couple things you should think about when choosing a group. First do you just want to snorkle on the surface or do you actually want to dive down and experience the underwater world up close? If your new to water and swimming maybe you just choose snorkling, but if you want more like I did then you may be looking at the scuba dive tours. for those two options, if you have a scuba diving certificate then your all set and there are a lot of options to choose from. However if you don't have any certification (like me) or you want a tour catered to you and with a smaller group than I have the perfect tour company for you. With Free Dive Iceland you can dive beneath the surface of the water for the full experience (I'll explain why that's so amazing in a minute) without carrying any certification! This link will take you right to their page where you can see all their tours, they also have a night dive, which would be awesome to try!

The cost is $185 USD which is definitely worth it for this tour :) Meeting point was easy to find and they tell you where to park and then meet at the van (there is a parking lot for all the tours that dive and snorkel silfra, which you will pass on you way to park at Þingvellir Parking P5, small fee to park) to change into the wetsuit. There is a bathroom at the meeting point that you can use before you change.

Here is an excerpt from my social media post regarding my experience:

Diving in rifts between tectonic plates, in ice cold glacier water illuminated by sunshine sparkling through the water molecules, the sun's rays bouncing off the rocky sides. Tiny dots of light dance across every surface, the iridescent algae waving with the gentle rhythm of the liquid around us. Sapphire, turquoise, teal, cerulean and emerald encompass and cushions your body which weightlessly drifts with the water. The wetsuit is now warm, having you own body heat trapped against you skin, the only exposed piece is you mouth which has become accustomed to the freezing temperatures. The peaceful silence envelopes you, not a sound can be heard. And so you feel as if you have left Iceland, left earth and are now freely exploring something so separate from the cares of this world, so special that you never want to come back up. But air! your body needs oxygen, giant exhales of a multitude of bubbles burst from your mouth and wiggle up to the surface! and so you kick to the wall of water above, and that sight alone takes your breath away- the undersurface of the water stretches out above you, shimmering with vivid shades of blue and green- so bright and clear and deep in color that it doesn't look like any body of water you have ever been in. And so you go under and hold your breath again and again just to see that glorious sight right before you break through the surface disturbing water and causing a great splash, where the world of sound exists in full force. And all the while you navigate through giant rocky cliffs, the tectonic plates, creating a maze to follow and explore, the depths increasing and then decreasing, forming caves and crevices that call to you, the deeper areas have a murky blue appearance and leave a mystery in place of sight. It feels like home, it feels like peace, this place may be new to me but it's a reminder that I will always come back to the water, because no place has ever felt more right than being submerged and weightless in water.

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